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Форма представленияЛекции виртуальных аудиторий
Год публикации2015
  • Габдулхаков Валерьян Фаритович, автор
  • Библиографическое описание на языке оригинала Methodology of multicultural education
    Аннотация There are many villages, small towns, pre-schools and schools in Tatarstan (one of the regions in Russia) where children study either in their mother tongue or in two languages. In such situations there may be different frameworks for such education - a coordinative framework when a child easily switches between the semantic basis of two languages (such cases are rare); a subordinate framework when a child thinks in and fluently speaks his/her mother tongue (Tatar, Chuvash, or Mari) and poorly in his/her second language (Russian); and a mixed framework when rules of one language overlap with the rules of another which results in a child poorly speaking both languages. Bilingulism can be good or bad but in has a major impact on intellectual, communicative, and moral development of children. Contemporary psycholinguistics consider it an ideal bilingualism when a child freely switches between languages, i.e., fluently speaks both languages. However, if a child studies three languages simultaneously (let̕ s say, Tatar, Russian, and English), then two semantic frameworks (i.e., meanings of words) overlap with the third - with Russian, Tatar or English. It is very important to determine how in happens for every child, which would help to develop an overall strategy for coordinated and simultaneous learning of three languages. Dissociated language training leads to a mixed bilingualism which can slow down not only speech production in the mother tongue but also the overall intellectual development. The spread of mixed bilingualism currently observed in pre-schools and schools can result in a child unable to speak any language - neither the mother tongue nor the second language. Studies of problems associated with preschool language learning show the need for developing a special didactics, i.e., linguistic didactics of pre-school education. Methodology of development of a child includes philosophy (Socrates, and others), psychology (Charles Samuel Myers, and others), didactics.
    Ключевые слова Methodology of multicultural education, Communication skills.
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