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Форма представленияСтатьи в зарубежных журналах и сборниках
Год публикации2019
  • Бахтин Анатолий Иосифович, автор
  • Глухов Михаил Сергеевич, автор
  • Гусев Александр Васильевич, автор
  • Кузина Диляра Мтыгулловна, автор
  • Сунгатуллин Рафаэль Харисович, автор
  • Сунгатуллина Гузаль Марсовна, автор
  • Глухов Михаил Сергеевич, автор
  • Библиографическое описание на языке оригинала Sungatullina G. M., Sungatullin R. Kh., Glukhov M. S., Bakhtin A. I., Gusev A. V., Kuzina D. M. Space Events and Evolution of the Conodonts // Meteoritics & Planetary Science. 2019. Vol. 54, Is. S2. P. 6444.
    Аннотация Geologists drew attention to cosmic dust particles in connection with the study of degree for cosmic processes influence on biotic events in geological history and the prospects of conducting correlations for different facies stratum. Our study is devoted to the possible influence of cosmic events on the evolution of conodonts - the most important group of fauna for the Paleozoic Era. The object of research is the Usolka section, located in the Southern Urals, Russia. We have previously studied here the distribution of cosmic microsphere from the sediments of the Pennsylvanian Series Carboniferous System (302-310 million years ago). The importance of joint study of cosmic and biotic events is due to the fact that the Usolka section is a candidate of the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Points (GSSP) of the lower boundary of the Kasimovian and Gzhelian Stages. The development of conodonts is considered for the first time in connection with the amount of space dust entering the Earth. These processes can lead to significant climate changes (cooling, the development of anoxic, lowering the temperature of ocean waters, etc.), which can affect the development of marine organisms. These factors acted simultaneously or closely on a geological time scale.
    Ключевые слова CONODONTS, space dust, carbon anomalies, Usolka section, Southern Urals, Russia
    URL https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/19455100
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