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Форма представленияСтатьи в зарубежных журналах и сборниках
Год публикации2019
  • Гарифуллина Диляра Басыровна, автор
  • Гиниятуллина Алсу Юнисовна, автор
  • Хисматуллина Люция Гумеровна, автор
  • Библиографическое описание на языке оригинала A. Gimadeeva, A., B. Garifullina, D., Yu. Giniyatullina, A., & G. Khismatullina, L. (2019). LINGUOCULTURAL PECULIARITIES OF ABBREVIATIONS IN THE POLITICAL DISCOURSE. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews, 7(4), 1233-1236. https://doi.org/10.18510/hssr.2019.74169
    Аннотация The purpose of the article: The aim of the article is to define the linguocultural peculiarities of the abbreviations in the political discourse.Materials and methods: The leading approach to the study of this problem is scientific. In the article such general scientific research methods as a descriptive-analytical method; method of continuous sampling and contextual analysis were used.Results of the research: there is relevance to the detailed investigation of the active language processes in modern English electronic media. Abbreviations are the language tools that help create a picture of the day. The newspaper is the first source where new abbreviations are fixed. In the English speaking electronic newspapers in political discourse generally accepted abbreviations are used. In political articles the use of abbreviations is in outline. The materials of the article can be useful for students, Masters, and postgraduates in English study. Data on the «language picture of the world« of the analyzed linguistic and cultural community can be applied in the methodology and teaching practice of foreign languages.
    Ключевые слова English language, abbreviation, linguacultural peculiarities, political discourse, article
    Название журнала Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews
    URL https://doi.org/10.18510/hssr.2019.74169
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