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Форма представленияСтатьи в зарубежных журналах и сборниках
Год публикации2020
  • Калимуллин Айдар Минимансурович, автор
  • Bakhtiyarova Venera , автор
  • Sokolova Natalia , автор
  • Tyazhelnikov Andrey , автор
  • Библиографическое описание на языке оригинала Bakhtiyarova V.F, Kalimullin A.M, Tyazhelnikov A.A, Teacher career monitoring and it's active and interactive forms//Talent Development and Excellence. - 2020. - Vol.12, Is.SpecialIssue3. - P.91-107.
    Аннотация The article in question deals with the search for mechanisms for career development of teachers. Some suggestions are made for creating favorable conditions for teachers' professional development in the process of the teacher's self-determination and his career advance. This process is made dynamic, integral and continuous thanks to its complexity and multi-sidedness. Thus, the aim of this article is to develop and lay a foundation of pedagogical conditions to provide professional career development of teachers. The leading method of investigation is the meth-od of the pedagogical experiment which enables us to show that a teacher can realize his weak and strong points in his pedagogical occupation if he adapts his activity in methods and teaching to his own needs. In our article, we suggest a complex of pedagogical conditions which provide the career growth of teachers in educational institutions. The first condition consists is in building methodical activity in an educational institution on the basis of the acmeological approach. This approach envisages assistance to teachers as objects of the educational process in the promotion of teachers from the stage of realizing their own needs and possibilities to the stage of being able to compete with other teachers. The second condition is to involve a teacher into a process of controlling the quality of the education in an educational institution on the basis of monitoring the results of his professional-pedagogical activity. The third condition is to involve teachers of an educational institution to active and interactive work (exchange of opinions, roundtables, conferences, discussions, group projects, etc.) The suggested pedagogical conditions provide activation of the subjective position of teachers in an educational institution on the basis of reflection of the results of the personal pedagogical activity. This reflection enables teachers to define and realize their own professional and pedagogical problems and to find ways and means to self-development and also choose the direction of their career growth.
    Ключевые слова professional career development, teachers, controlling the quality of education, monitoring, active and interactive forms
    Название журнала Talent Development and Excellence
    URL https://www.scopus.com/inward/record.uri?eid=2-s2.0-85084676260&partnerID=40&md5=df5bb8f2f1aef9273272d31f271ecd70
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