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Год публикации2022
  • Бродовская Людмила Николаевна, автор
  • Галимзянова Лилия Рифхатовна, автор
  • Люкшин Дмитрий Иванович, автор
  • Фазлиев Айваз Миннегосманович, автор
  • Библиографическое описание на языке оригинала Aivaz M. Fazliev, Dmitriy I. Lukshin, Liliya R. Galimzyanova, Ludmila N. Brodovskaya, Oleg G. Bukhovets HUMANITARIAN TRAGEDY OF THE SECOND DISORDER IN RUSSIA // No. 5 (2020): Geplat: Caderno Suplementar / Turismo: Estudos &Práticas (UERN), Mossoró/RN, Caderno Suplementar 05, 2020http://natal.uern.br/periodicos/index.php/RTEP/index[ISSN 2316-1493]7.
    Аннотация The blatant evidence of the rural nature of the way of life in Russia became the reason for the actualization of the agrarian issue in the political projects of the empire, and also gave rise to a significant number of interpreters and projectors in the educated strata of society who labored in the field of rural life «improvement«, which, since the time of the Great Reforms, has become a kind of a national hobby, which constituted the trend of the discursive formation of domestic modernization. Liberals and guards, writers and engineers suddenly felt the need to either take (Marx & Engels): “... a significant part of the population from the idiocy of village life”, or include (Trotsky) “the peasant in the general system of socialist economy”. However, «...a fatal blow to agricultural backwardness, the barbaric isolation of the peasant and the idiocy of village life« was still assumed in the finale (Trotsky).
    Ключевые слова historical discourse, perestroika depression, Troubles, agrarian issue, peasantry
    Название журнала Revista Turismo Estudos & Práticas
    URL https://geplat.com/rtep/index.php/tourism/article/view/783
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