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Year of publication2019
  • Akhmetshin Elvir Munirovich, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Okagbue, H. I., Oguntunde, P. E., Bishop, S. A., Adamu, P. I., Akhmetshin, E. M., & Iroham, C. O. (2019). Significant predictors of henley passport index. Journal of International Migration and Integration, doi:10.1007/s12134-019-00726-4
    Annotation Henley Passport Index (HPI) is a rank on the number of countries a passport holder of a country can travel VISA-free. Countries with high HPI ranking enjoy certain passport privileges. Little is known about the relationship between HPI and other global indices. This paper investigates the relationship between HPI and the trio of Corruption Perception Index (CPI), Global Peace Index (GPI), and World Happiness Report (WHR). The data of the country ranks of the 4 indices were obtained from the respective websites of the publishers of the indices. A final sample of 150 countries was analyzed after the cases of missing values were discarded. The result showed positive correlation between HPI and CPI (r = 0.768, p < 0.0005), GPI (r = 0.671, p < 0.005), and WHR (r = 0.775, p < 0.005), respectively. Regression analysis yielded an equation that showed that a unit increase in the country ranking of CPI, GPI, and WHR of countries increases the ranking of HPI by 0.196, 0.149, and 0.352, respectively. The coefficients of the independent variables are all significant at p value equals 0.05 and the model validation showed the absence of multicollinearity and the presence of small non-significant autocorrelation. The research concluded that countries with high passport privileges also have low corruption instances and conflicts and are perceived to be happy. The implications of this research were discussed.
    Keywords Corruption Perception Index, Global Peace Index, Henley Passport Index, Perceived happiness, Regression analysis, World Happiness Report.
    The name of the journal Journal of International Migration and Integration
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